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So, it’s a new week, and that means it’s time for another Gym Leader announcement from the ZeldaInformer Black and White League. If you will look towards the title, you’ll see that it says “Part 1”. That’s right, we’re gonna be announcing more than one Gym Leader a week starting this week. How many? You’ll have to wait and find out!

Todays Gym Leader is a semi-Veteran of the League. He was a Leader for part of the original ZeldaInformer Pokemon League. Before that, he enjoyed a quite successful career as a ZI League Challenger.


Now presenting Gym Leader #7 of the ZeldaInformer Black and White League: Kevinhend! Kevin was brought in during the initial wave of challengers at the beginning of the original ZI League. He flourished as a challenger and was eventually promoted as a Gym Leader to replace River Zora, the League’s founder and former coordinator. His new theme for the BW League is Ghost, and his mascot Pokemon is Gengar! Kevin will be available to challenge after the Challenger has won 3 badges, but he’s no pushover, so be careful!

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