As always, things can’t actually go too perfect. This week, we had video outages, computer crashes, and the like. However, it all worked out in the end… kind of! Aside from that, we hit on a few topics this week. For a majority of the podcast, we discussed Breath of the Wild, as you probably guessed. Of course, we also hit on a few tangents, but that is to be expected!

Despite the minor setbacks, we had a pretty long and lengthy discussion about many different things. While talking about Breath of the Wild, we also inadvertently discuss the Switch. How could we not? It comes out next week! We also go into some discussions on reviewing games and then what our favorite iterations of Zelda and Link are.

Also, for those of you that have been missing the audio version, we finally have it back up! I uploaded the past four episodes that we’ve been missing and they’re already up on Podbean. They should hit iTunes soon, thanks to Apple’s approval process.

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