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This week, the team convenes a bit early to discuss Thanksgiving, Majora’s Mask, and some great gift ideas! Your cast this week features your host, Chris (Finally in charge of an episode!); Colin (The retro man with a retro plan); Luke (He’s got an accent); and last but not least, this week’s special guest Adam (The old, grumpy host that only likes top down Zelda titles)

Thanks again to everyone who emailed us! We really appreciate your fan topics, theme song submissions, and cover art. Special shoutout to Brandon and Co. for our opening theme song. This week’s cover art was done by Adam! You can follow him on Picarto and watch his streams live by subscribing to his channel in the links below!

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Be sure to follow Adam, Chris, and Colin on Twitter for updates on the podcast (as well as our guest and contributors) in between episodes and to ask your questions. And as always, share the podcast with your friends!

ALSO: Stick around after the episode for a special bonus! You won’t wanna miss it!

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