This week on the ZI Podcast, we tackle the exciting E3 2015 expo, filled with tons of laughter, tears, anger, and confusion. Since this is a special episode, we decided to do it differently than usual and record it in two parts: One online, and the other with our team that was on the show floor the entire three days. This week’s podcast features, for the in person section (part 1): Adam, your host as always; Jeff, the man with the plan; Zion, the man with the cam; and Rodney, the man…with…something (I ran out of rhymes).

Your online cast features: Caleb, your temporary host (doing a pretty solid job, might I add); Jake (He’s very peeved this week, but we still love him); Chris, the optimist (If I had a nickel for every time he cursed…); and Leon (he sounds like solid snake).

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Comment Topic Of The Week: What Game/Conference Excited You The Most This E3?

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