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This week’s episode of the ZI Podcast is a long one, but probably the best episode of the podcast yet (It’s all downhill from here…)! This week we’re joined by none other than Mr. Smooth McGroove himself as we talk about Zelda Villains, Modern Gaming versus Retro Games, as well as hear plenty of stories from Smooth’s life. This week on the podcast your host is… (still, sadly) Adam, and he’s joined by Jake (He has this embarassing thing to tell you), Chris (Lovable as always), Max (Aka Mr. McGroove, maker of dorky puns), and Charl (He’s a cat and was asleep most of this episode, but I felt it was worth mentioning).

Thanks to Cody, Jack, Sam, Austin, Alfred, and Brendan for your Topics, Cover Art, and Theme Song submissions. Want to have your own awesome topics (they can be about anything gaming), art, and music featured on the show? Send it over to us at [email protected] Special thanks to The Consouls for their giveaway for this week. To know more about the rules and how to participate, tune in!

*UPDATE* Gold Mario Amiibo Officially announced by Nintendo

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