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Update: Jake got a Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL

With Club Nintendo shutting down and Best Buy canceling pre-orders, our podcast team spends this Thursday discussing the idea of merchandise and physical rewards vs. digital rewards. We also discuss our favorite gaming giant’s competitors: Microsoft (With their recent windows 10 conference) and Sony (They do stuff too sometimes). We continue to mention the new list of weekly features at ZI, as well as talk about the plethora of Zelda parodies you can find online! It’s a great conversation this week filled with both laughter and depth. Your collection of talking heads for this week is Adam (Does he ever take a week off?), Jake (Just some guy, I guess), Chris (Lovable and foolish as always), and Caleb (He hates games and so should you).

Thanks again to Brandon, Christian, Amelle, Kezz, Jonathan and Sam being awesome fans! If you want to submit your own fan/cover art, theme song submissions, or topics be sure to email us at This week we talked about the effects of shutting down Club Nintendo and how silence could be the greatest Zelda melody ever.

Comment Topic of the Week: What guests would you like to see on the podcast?

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