I always loved these reviews simply because it mixes some great comedic sayings into reality to present what always feels like a bleak picture. In the end, he did say that it comes down to software and right now the 3DS has had really poor launch software and it’s best upcoming titles are, indeed, ports. Grant it, as time moves on this is likely to change, but it does feel like the 3DS was rushed out some. Not because the hardware wasn’t ready, but because the software wasn’t. Maybe Nintendo was just trying to get a jump start on the NGP. Maybe, it’s also likely Nintendo simply thought the 3D effect itself would sell itself, just like Wii Motion controls did. Of course, they ignore the fact they launched the Wii with a casual title that really struck a chord (hello motion control sports title) along with a unique title people had been anticipating for years (Twilight Princess) that while still a port, it had never been played before.

This is why reports on Nintendo not launching Cafe with heavy 1st party support scares me, because it’s hard to rely on third party support to push a console when the third party support is mostly ports.

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