Zelda fans are on a wave once again! The Nintendo Direct from a few weeks ago showcasing Tears of the Kingdom has rejuvenated so much for fans. Theorists are once more at work scouring the new video and fanfiction writers are swooning over Link jumping to Zelda’s rescue, but my favorite part of the buzz after a Zelda trailer is seeing fan art from all of my favorite Zelda fan artists! Daeyumi is hands down one of them, and besides new art, Dae also released their first-ever digital zine a few days ago!

Titled Zenith, this zine features 31 artworks made by Dae between September and December of 2022, all following the Linktober prompts for the year. The pieces are mostly centered around 3D Zelda titles, however there are a few pieces featuring Link’s Awakening-themed art.

You can purchase and download Zenith digitally for $7 USD over on Dae’s Kofi. It’s also worth noting the way Kofi is set up; if one feels generous, they can donate more money towards the a purchase to help out the creator!


I’m so glad that all of Dae’s amazing Linktober art is now compiled together in high resolution! My two favorite pieces out of all the art I’ve seen during last year’s Linktober were Dae’s takes on the prompts for Battle and Deity. Although those two are my favorite, it’s honestly really hard to choose because each piece is extremely well done! I’m finding myself hoping for a physical version of the Zine in the future, but I know that is an investment and takes a lot of work.

Are you planning to purchase Zenith? If you’ve already purchased it, which artwork or artworks do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!


Featured Image by Daeyumi

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