Zeldathon For Charity

The Legend of Zelda seems to be a popular marathon choice for charity fund raisers and the simple reason is because it works. People in the Zelda community love giving to a good cause, and charity is as good of a cause as any other. This time around, we are going to extra mile the help this charity event!

We will have the live event up, at some point tonight, at the top of the site, replacing our featured content area temporarily. We will have the live stream, live chat, and the donate button all up there for your ease of use. Alternatively, you can go to their website, which will have the same thing. The charity for this event is Childs Play. One thing to note in this promo video, available exclusively on our youtube page, is that the marathon has been delayed until 4pm EST tomorrow, instead of at 10am. The reasoning is because one of the team is running late, and has some important equipment for the cause.

Whats neat noting about this team is they have a background in video production, and thus will be using a lot of really good equipment to make this all happen, along with four separate computers. Just like in the last Zelda Marathon we promoted, they will also be giving away stuff throughout the 4 days, so be sure to keep your eyes glued to the top of ZI starting tomorrow!

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