A few ammendments to the administrative rules have been made.

Firstly, you may be pleased to know, that we are opening all Gym Leaders from the start of the league, and they may be battled in any order. This is to ensure that our first Gym Leader doesn’t find himself swamped with dozens of applicants all on the first day, so spread yourselves out! If you think you’re ‘ard enough, try the later Gym Leaders first for a very different experience with the league.

Also to ensure that we are not swamped by the 60+ Challengers already registered, and as more keep coming in, Challengers will be separated into divisions or ‘brackets’ based on their application date. Those who were the first to apply, will be the first to be able to challenge the leaders on Monday, making up the RED BRACKET. GRN, BLU and YLW brackets will follow in two-day intervals, with GREEN being allowed to challenge from Wednesday, BLU from Friday, and YLW by the end of the weekend. Any challengers registering after this will be able to battle as soon as their registration has been accepted, as hopefully we’ll be in full swing and have a good system by then!


This explains who is in the first bracket of challengers, the first twenty people to apply, and more detail on how exactly to begin your ZeldaInformer Pokémon League journey. Anyone who is in there may begin challenging the leaders as soon as they want.

If you are not in this first twenty DO NOT TRY TO CHALLENGE YET. Wait until your trainer card appears later in the week. This staggering is necessary to prevent an uncontrollable rush of people in the first day (the same reason we’ve opened up the order of leaders).

Your very own Pokémon adventure is about to unfold!

Have fun everybody!

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