“Somebody broke into one of our mod’s accounts and deleted 6 thousand posts the minute I left IRC this afternoon.

We are currently trying to get our two most recent backup files (one from today, and one from yesterday just in case) from our webhost. May take awhile, as they are huge.

So, temp VGRC board right here until things are fixed. Don’t stray too far.

ATTN people who can see other boards: Don’t bother posting in them. This will all be lost when the backup is restored.

All other member functions still work. Don’t let this downtime drag you down… submit to us a user review now! I’ve moved the UR thread in here in the meantime. If there is a game you want to review that isn’t in the database, give me a yell and I’ll get it added. Arcade and blog functions still work as well, but it is likely any scores or posts will not carry over to the restored backup. Since the main site is on a separate database, however, anything done there (comments and user reviews) will remain in-tact when we get things restored.” – CaptainCornflake from this thread.

As you can see we need as much help as we can get. Post as much as you can to get the forums and the site back up to its rising glory. We’d all greatly appreciate it.

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