Some of you may remember Zelda With Lyrics by Brentalfloss, something we reported on a couple weeks ago. Well, it got featured on Attack of the Show, one of my personal favorite programs on G4TV. As you can see above, they liked it a lot, and mention that this is not the first time Brentalfloss has been featured. Be sure to check out his other work on his YouTube channel, or take a jump inside to see a couple of my favorites from his collection.

Tetris is for chicks, go figure. I just love this guys stuff. His most recent video technically has Link in it, so I’m going to show it even though it’s about Toad.

Ok, so that’s enough showing off. This guy knows his stuff, and has obvious natural talent. Plus, he is stating what we all think: Toad is gay, Tetris is for chicks, and Link is just trying to get laid. Nice to finally have all of that in song. Thanks Brentalfloss, don’t know where I would be without your amazing lyrics.

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