Robin Williams, now an official part of Zelda canonWondering what exactly Zelda Williams’ secret shoot was all about? Well, it showed up on Youtube earlier and now we can finally see it in all its glory. It also stars Zelda’s father, the beloved Robin Williams – something I never would have guessed from the original reports. Is it a Skyward Sword-related live action shoot? Is it a commercial of some kind? An interview with two of the most famous Zelda fans in history? Check out all of the exciting action and touching moments in the video below.

UPDATE: Zelda and Robin also did a short interview regarding their love of the series. Check after the commercial to see.

Weren’t expecting that, were you? Let me be the first to say that this has got to be the most adorable Zelda commercial I’ve ever seen. Goodness knows it’s every fan’s dream to be able to share moments like this with his or her own kids someday. Will the series still be around? We can only hope.

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