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Did you know that the Legend of Zelda series is named after Zelda Fitzgerald? I’d say most of you do. How about this? Did you know that the actor Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda Williams after The Legend of Zelda series? Zelda Williams followed in her father’s footsteps as an actor, and what’s interesting is that she has been involved in a recent ‘super secret’ filming for Nintendo.

Could it be that they’re using her in some sort of trailer for Skyward Sword? Or for Ocarina of Time? Maybe its got something to do with Zelda’s 25th anniversary and how the Zelda series has affected people’s lives. Whatever it is, I’d suggest E3 is going to provide the answer. Funny thing is, although this is said to be ‘super secret’ – Zelda has been Tweeting about it.

The Super Secret Nintendo shoot has begun! More fun pics as the day progresses. Stay tuned!

Nintendo set update: don’t be fooled, even directors get tired!

That’s a wrap on Super Secret Nintendo set part 1! Look, real building, fake skyline

The second Tweet came with the picture at the top of the post, and the third Tweet came with the picture below. I think that it’s really interesting how she notes the skyline – anything to do with Skyward Sword? What do you make of all this? Let us know below.

Zelda Filming

UPDATE: These were posted on the 24th of May and we’re followed by a Tweet saying “Now it’s time for my second, completely different Super Secret Special shoot tonight” – so not sure if completely different means not related to Nintendo, or just something else for Nintendo.

She also Tweeted “Totally filming across the street from one of my favorite random restaurants in NYC. Their tees are great! “ – so we can gather the shoot is in New York. Indeed I do slightly feel like a stalker.

Source: Twitter (via GoNintendo)

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