The Zelda Wiki is a significant part of some of the best communities in the Zelda fansite realm. With sites ranging from Zelda Universe and Zelda Dungeon, to sites such as Zelda Legends

and, it really hits a wide variety of audiences. We’ve been

a part of the Wiki collaboration almost from the very first day we

opened our doors, famously getting our sites wiki page as the featured

article the same day we opened, even though events like that happen to

be against the rules.


been slacking in our support of the wiki in terms of advertising it

around these parts. The wiki is a key part of our site which contains a

lot of useful, fan generated information that we often times use as

references in improving our own content. You will start to see us

feature the wiki’s unique featured articles when they arise in the

hopes to garner the interest of you, our fanbase, to help make the wiki

grow. There is always a lot going on in that part of our site, and we

could always make a better effort to do our part as a community to help

the wiki improve. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Zelda Wiki and show your support for a very integral part of the entire community.

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