Zelda Wii Screen 1

Real? An elaborate hoax? Is it really possible that screens could get leaked from the testing team? It all seems highly improbable, but we are not really able to prove or disprove the validity of these screens. I was sent them anonymously with claims and links to several different forums who were all sourcing too many different places to honestly come up with definite answers, but I will say I am on the side that believes it’s also highly unlikely. Still, it is a rather good job just for… a fake. Of course, if you caught my words closely… I said there were screens… multiple images.

Zelda Wii Screen 2

Zelda Wii Screen 3

Zelda Wii Screen 4

Zelda Wii Screen 5

Again, I do feel these are fake, but I can’t definitely prove it personally. It is fun to think of the possibilities. From Roc’s Cape to what appears to be a Bombers Notebook type feature. All rather intriguing to at least think about. So what say you? Real or fake?

Update: Confirmed Fake, created by PentroxZU from Zelda Universe. Still fun to talk about though:

Zelda Wii Fake Screen 1

Zelda Wii Fake Screen 2

Zelda Wii Fake Screen 3

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