Amongst the heavy political atmosphere of the ever controversial General Election in this reporter’s country, the journalism of Official Nintendo Magazine UK this morning almost slipped our radar; but even in such turbulent times we remain ever vigilant!

It was revealed in Nintendo’s latest Financial Briefings document, and the most up-to-date official release schedules, that although Japan is pencilled in to receive a Wii dose of Zelda-y goodness before the end of 2010, that the US and Europe may not be so lucky. Who knows how long Australia will find themselves waiting.

All is not lost, however, as the European schedule only indicates as far as the third quarter and the ever anticipated Metroid: Other M; meaning that Nintendo could pull Zelda out just in time for Christmas, a period for which the release schedule seems entirely under wraps.

Aonuma is also reported to have told ONM to ‘“expect surprises from Zelda” at this year’s E3. Of course, when this time comes, we will be all over the news like the Liberal Democrats on a referendum for proportional representation!

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