Lego LinkFamitsu Magazine seems to always have the latest track of news on our favorite franchise, and this time they have brought up some surprising news—that is if you are still holding onto the thought that Zelda Wii won’t be released this year. According to the latest issue, Eiji Aonuma is strongly pushing to have playable demo at E3 this year. Traditionally, when a demo is available, the game is released in that same year.

“I’d like to show something playable,” said Aonuma when pressed on the possibility of a playable showing at the June trade show.

Aonuma also hinted that the game could reach the masses before the end of the year. He claimed that, due to fan anticipation, he’s been pushing the staff towards a release. When pressed again by Famitsu, however, he would only say “We’ll work hard in order to get you playing it as soon as possible.”

Development appears to be progressing smoothly on the game. “We’ve progressed in development since last year,” said Aonuma. “At present, the core areas have come into clear view.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Aonuma reflected back on 2009, a year that saw the release of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, on which he served as producer. In Japan, the game made it out a few days before Christmas. However, it was almost a Spring 2010 title. Early in development, the staff believed they’d need the additional time. E3 came around and the game had all the fundamentals in place, and not wanting to overlap with Wii’s Zelda, Aonuma pressed the staff for a release at the end of the year.

Source: Adria Sang

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