A contest featuring numerous Nintendo fan sites was recently held and concluded February 20th. It was run by DSi-XL.co.uk and the winner was awarded a DSi XL free of charge. Surprisingly, Zelda Universe won this contest due to obtaining the most votes. Various members from the ZU community came together to promote the site and whored themselves out like no tomorrow. In the end all of their efforts paid off, literally. Jason, the owner of ZU and pictured above, has devised a financial strategy involving their newly obtained DSi XL. Basically, he plans to trade this “lifesaver” into Gamestop for a worthwhile price of $50. Even though these funds will simply be a miniature mosquito bite into ZU’s ever-growing debt, at least they have some good news for once. Jason currently owes his mother over $90,000 for charging the purchase of the current and very “beautiful” layout. Maybe it appears beautiful, but I’d love it if I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes to get to… wait, why would I be on ZU anyway?

Speaking of layouts though, I must say I love ZI 3.0 and I feel that Dennis, Phil, Nate, and the rest of the staff should be mentioned for all of their hard work. Also, I am new on the staff and I apologize for a lack of introduction in my last post, I was much too excited about the cereal. I’m known as “gamma” around the forums as well as IRC and I’ll be here for a while, unless I am sued by ZU because of this post. But, I’m not too worried since they would need at least some money to do that.

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