ZU LogoZelda Universe thinks we’re fantastic. And when I say we, I mean both ZeldaInformer and our beloved sister site VGRC. One of Zelda Universe’s most long standing traditions are the community awards, where members of the forums get to vote in a number of categories ranging from Most Fabulous Hair to Best Poet.

This year happened to be a special year, not only for us as a site, but to the Bombers as well. It just so happens that our editor Ben Lamoreux (Erimgard) took home awards for both Best Theorist and Most Devoted Theorist. Our most recent addition to the Bombers team, Matthew Friett (River Zora), also nabbed the grand prize for Best Zelda Fan Fiction. Congrats to all the winners!

It should be mentioned that our Bombers writer Dennis Smith (LOZ Historian) was the runner-up for Best Debater. The award was taken by John. Check here for the rest of the results.

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