starship zuchatEver since before any of us can remember, the folks over at Zelda Universe have been holding their own twisted, bi-annual version of an award show. And ever since July 16th, 2007, ZI has found a way to sneak in and steal some of the more, uh, prestigious honors. Matching Beyonce’s insane 2010 Grammy effort, members of the ZI/VGRC community nabbed six awards in total this time around, with our webmaster Captain Cornflake taking home three himself.

Dynamic Duo/Cutest Couple Award

Captain Cornflake/Tabs – 6

Most Fabulous Hair

Captain Cornflake – 8

Most Established Online Persona

Captain Cornflake – 16

Most Knowledge of Zelda

Erimgard – 3

Most Devoted Theorist

LOZ Historian – 7

Best Social Group

Starship ZUChat – 13

We asked the community vet, known to most simply as Dennis to comment on his victory.

“This is just a subtle reminder of who is, and who has always been really in charge of our friends at Faggery Daggery Doo.”

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