Split Reason Zelda Shirt

Contest Shirt

Zelda Informer has teamed with Split Reason to celebrate the Skyward Sword announcement in a very special way… by giving away your choice of the above Zelda T-Shirts! You heard right, we are giving away a special T-Shirt in commemoration of this all too glorious day! So what do you have to do to win one of these suckers?

To win one of the two shirst, you must first be a member of our forums and have made at least 20 posts. It’s not as hard as it sounds! In addition, you must formulate your very own Skyward Sword box art! You are to post the box art in the official contest thread. You are only allowed to submit one box art, and once it’s posted you are not allowed to change the submission. In 7 days time, thats right, in 7 days time on June 23rd the staff will sift through all the submissions and pick our favorite box art! That lucky person will then be required to sign up for an account at Split Reason, for which we will then get them to send you the shirt of your choice for free in whatever size you need! We will most likely choose around 5 box arts to post up in the results so the world can see your lovely work! There can only be one winner… is it you? Good luck to all.

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