Zelda Sages Needs YOU!

uncle samYou might remember our recent plight, in which ZeldaInformer will go down unless we get some donations quickly to cover server bills, which you guys have responded to wonderfully (but keep them coming guys, we’re not quite there yet!). Not one to scoff at those in times of need ourselves, we present to you the plight of another Zelda fansite, Zelda Sages. With an overhaul under way, Zelda Sages is in desperate need of another writer, so if you think you have what it takes, go on ahead and apply for the position at their staff page.

Their criteria for the position is as follows:

Site Writer:

A site writer spends their time writing guides, posting news, essentially acting as a field reporter and novelist all in one. As a site writer, you will be responsible for the creation of new game guides as well as the upkeep of site news and the Zelda Sages community members. Applicants need not have a strong knowledge of HTML, however a basic understanding of the concepts and basic coding of HTML are required. In addition, you must be able to write at a tenth grade level, minimum. You will be asked to submit several writing samples with your application (more on that later; these samples can come from previously written guides, research papers, etc so don’t freak out).

Zelda Sages has recently had a decline in reliable staff, and with a complete site overhaul in the works, including a switch to vBulletin 4 Suite, they need all the help they can get. If you’re able to lend them a hand, then by all means offer your services. Let’s keep this community alive, guys!

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