Have you ever wanted to bring a girl just like the one above home with you? What about that girl at school you have secretly had a crush on? Ever wonder “just what do I say” so she doesn’t blow you off and ignore you? Arguably the opening line you say to a girl is the best chance you really have at sealing the deal. On average, girls make their complete judgement about you as a person in roughly 5 seconds, and sadly enough they are usually right. Based on appearance and attitude with the opening line, you have to be very crisp and on point. While we can’t yet help you wear the right clothing (but soon we can help, hop inside for T-Shirt Contest details), we can indeed show you just how to get the girl: Zelda Style.

  • baby girl we’re like the wind waker—we’re gonna do it all over again once we get in our pajamas
  • How ‘bout you come back to my place and I show you my Longshot
  • Honey, if you ain’t legal yet just pull on my sword and you will be in no time
  • It’s dangerous to go alone, take me.
  • I know, its huge, and I’m not even wearing the Giant’s Mask!
  • Lemme play my ocarina to make your waters rise
  • Did it hurt when you fell from the sacred realm?
  • Baby, you should come back to my place. My master sword needs to be polished.
  • Tingle Tingle Kooloo Limpah” *raises eyebrow and side-smiles*
  • Why settle for trojans, when I have Epona.
  • Hey babe, it’s a secret to everyone.
  • I bet ten year olds all round the place are pulling master swords from pedestals to be old enough to get with you.
  • Can I plant my magic beans in your soft soil?
  • You complete my heart container.
  • Hey baby, wanna land the real Hylian Loach?
  • Can I tap you just like Bongo Bongo would?
  • We could get together, but it won’t result in anything but GAME OVER!
  • Hey baby, I know it hasn’t happened since 2001, but I bet if you touch my sword just right it will shoot laser beams yet again
  • Girl, my triforce glows only for you
  • Whenever I look into your eyes, I get lost more than I did in the Forest Temple
  • Hey girl, Sorry I kidnapped you. Princess Zelda told me girls liked it.
  • I can’t wait to bomb your dodongos.
  • I got the 3 goddesses worshipin’ me, baby.
  • Hey baby, you make my Sword go Skyward

You can find more pickup lines in arguably one of our best threads in 2010.

Now that we have immensely helped your “game”, lets work on your wardrobe shall we? We are hosting a “Design a Shirt” contest right now! While I could go into the all the details right here, it’s best if you just check out our “contest” thread to see how you could not only win your personal design as a shirt, and you could win free shirts down the road as well!

While this may be my last news update of the year (work, plus going out), I just wanted to say it’s been a glorious 2010. I want to thank all of you for making ZI what it is, and to remind you to stay tuned in early 2011 as we have yet another epic contest. Be sure to always Remember Zordiana.

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