IGN compiled a list of the top 100 games of all time, based purely off

reader ratings with some obvious steps taken to ensure fairness. As if

that was not enough to wet your whistle, a Legend of Zelda fan game is

starting to grab attention. No need to read twice. I did say a fan


Anytime an all-time video game list shows up, there are always things that you know for certain will occur. Nintendo will be all over the list, and Ocarina of Time is going to be competeing for the top spot. Those two things are always true in any top overall gaming list. So, shall we dive right in? Here is where zelda games finished in order from top to bottom:

01. Ocarina of Time
04. A Link to the Past
29. The Wind Waker
37. Twilight Princess
45. Majora’s Mask
66. Oracle of Ages
68. The Legend of Zelda
77. The Minish Cap

Is there any eyebrow raisers for you? I know personally, I would not have had The Minish Cap on this list; however, the list is based entirely off user reviews. As is apparent by the sheer number of Zelda titles in the top 100 games of all time, Zelda has had a significant impact in gaming history. Even up to this day, Zelda titles are still able to crack into the top rated games of all time. Twilight Princess, released in 2006, was able to creep up to the #37 spot, a rather impressive feat for a game that many in the community feel wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Apparently, the general fan base thinks otherwise.

My main disapointment with the list however has nothing to do with Zelda. In fact, it has to do with his half brother, Mario. How Super Mario brothers does not make a top 100 gaming list just baffles me. How does that not have close to a perfect 10 across the board? Alas, it is what it is, and I happy to see in the general gaming community that Zelda is rather highly touted.

On a totally Zelda related note, I would love to direct your attention to a fan game that has been chugging along rather quitely now for over a year. That game, my friends, is none other then The Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer.

As you can see, it is coming along quite nicely. I took some time to check out the tech demo, which appears to be the start of the actual game. I must say, I am impressed. Not only does it play very solid, the story to this point is very well thought out, and it fits perfectly into the Zelda realm we already know. Even though the demo was short, you could really tell this game is very polished. The music and sound effects are nigh perfect. The gameplay is very solid, and there are some things that happen in this game that makes you wonder why something like that has yet to happen in a 2D Zelda game. In the end, the reason I bring this to your attention is because it is downright fun.

Don’t adjust your monitor. You aren’t daydreaming either, so stop pinching yourself. A fan game is finally coming along that truly grasps what Zelda is, and presents enough of its own unique concepts to make it worth playing over and over. I’ve completed the tech demo 3 times, and it was just yesterday that I downloaded it. As you can see, even just watching the video, this is one fan game you all will want to keep an eye on.

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