One of the most infamous parts of Zelda series history is the endless cycle of delays for games in the franchise. From Ocarina of Time, which underwent several delays in its transformation from Zelda 64 to a Nintendo 64 DD title to the final game we know and love today. The Minish Cap first began development in 2001 but was later shoved back to make room for the original Four Swords and finally made its reappearance in 2004 before debuting in 2005. Perhaps the most infamous of all is Twilight Princess, which was set to release in 2005 but delayed in order to develop a twin version of the game for the up-and-coming Wii. And now we have Skyward Sword, originally promised to release in 2010, then in “early 2011,” and now sometime during the summer.

Which Zelda games made the cut? I think you all probably know the answer already, but check out the video for the full rundown.

Source: GameTrailers

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