Zelda Katsu is here!

Today I am proud to announce the launch of a brand new project. Together with our friends from The Legends Alliance forums we have begun a new collaboration campaign. We’ve been working on this for quite a while already because we wanted to give you something ready to look at straight away.

The project is Zelda Katsu, a team that creates massive Zelda resource guides for all your browsing needs. These guides differ from the standard ZeldaInformer guides a bit. Due to their length, they are constructed differently and most of them will span several pages. In some cases like the FSA Quote FAQ, there are two different viewing options available.

Just like The Bombers, this group is open to everyone wanting to participate. You can read all about it in this thread.

Along with Zelda Katsu comes a tiny change to the forums. The area previously dedicated to The Bombers has been renamed The Symposium and it acts as a meeting place for all contributors and collaborators of ZeldaInformer. See you guys there!

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