The Nintendo 3DS has been officially released stateside and I do some nice unboxing for all of you, and prepare myself to fully review Steel Diver, a game that is garnering a lot controversy as Nintendo continually tries to claim it’s a full blown game that simply can’t be delivered on the Ipod store. I have to say I am very impressed with the included software even if it isn’t my cup of tea. I may do a small review of the system later to compliment our previous 3DS review, but my initial reaction is wow. It’s been 2 hours and I have had the 3DS at full blast with no headaches and the 3D is cool. So far, the only big noticeable difference with Steel Diver, outside of the nice little depth under water in terms of stuff in the foreground is the fact that the viewing area is actually wider with 3D on than off. If you have a 3DS, play a game and then go from full blast 3D to off, and than back. You’ll notice almost right away that the viewing area expands left and right as things come out from the screen.

Definitely one of the major advances of 3D tech so far is that viewing area increase.We’ll have reviews of several of the other 3DS titles as the week rolls on, and you can look forward to my full review of Steel Diver tonight or tomorrow, as I can’t anticipate this game taking longer than today to beat.

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