Play-Asia provides world wide distribution of discounted games, in both English and Japanese formats. Some of you may have noticed around the site that a few of the ads have been… shall we say… not proper. In an effort to eliminate the need of insurance ads, diapers, and religion-related muck we are aiming for a more pinpointed strategy, and with that comes discounts for all of you! If you click on our Play-Asia ad to the right and make any sort of purchase, we get a 12% kickback which in turn is used to help pay our hosting costs. So you get discounted games and we get money for you getting discounted games. Sounds like a win-win, no? Hopefully the “unrelated” ads will be going away. Of course, maybe you do like to get your car insurance through ZI? I know I do! That being said, why not make some preorders for future releases: Buy Games/Nintendo™ Wii at

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