ZI Facebook Giveaway

For those of you who aren’t aware, Zelda Informer is currently running a Facebook Prize give away. We’re already giving away a copy of Skyward Sword upon release to one of our lucky fans, due to us reaching 2000 likes on Facebook, and when we reach 5000 we’ll be giving away a bundle including Ocarina of Time 3D and a 3DS console, the color of your choice. Both of these will be shipped direct to the winner in their regional version.

I had intended to update on this competition when we passed the halfway mark of 2500, but as it turns out, we’re already at 2834 – that’s only 2166 to go. And then what? Well here’s how it’s all going to work. It will run the exact same way our Skyward Sword Facebook giveaway did. When we reach 5000 fans we’ll update about it here at ZI, and post an entry status on Facebook. You will have a week to comment on that status to be entered into the random draw, where the winner will be announced soon after the conclusion of the week.

Remember that you can enter regardless of where you live, and even if you like our page after the 5000 mark you can still enter the draw. Also your odds of winning will be much better than 1 in 5000, because not everyone will enter. Although 2000 people could have entered the draw for Skyward Sword, only 450 did. So, share the word, invite your friends, and the sooner we can give away a 3DS with Ocarina of Time.

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