Zelda in Brawl

Hello everybody. I am new to the Zelda Informer staff and am very happy to be here. My primary job is to assist Greg in keeping you updated on the Zelda world. I am proud to help keep you informed. 🙂

Now for my first bit of news… some old, some new:

I am sure you have all heard of Super Smash Brothers Brawl scheduled to be released February 10th of the new year. Most of this is old news, but so far the Twilight Princess version of Link and Zelda are to be included in the game along with the Eldin Bridge battle stage. On a newer note one of Link’s color options is dark Link. No, not just Link in a black tunic, but actually Dark Link.

<center><img border=“0” align=“center” alt=”” src=“http://zelda.vgrc.net/news/data/upimages/ssbbdarklink.jpg”></center>

The latest announcement on the <a href=http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/index.html>SSBB Dojo</a> tells us that a number of stages from from the previous SSB game, Melee, are featured in Brawl as well. Among these is the ever so popular Zelda themed Temple. The stage is a direct replica of the original one, but this time the music has been remixed a bit.

<center><img border=“0” align=“center” alt=”” src=“http://zelda.vgrc.net/news/data/upimages/ssbbtemple.jpg”></center>

On an interesting note, The SSBB Dojo mentions Akito Nakatsuka, the original composer of the famous tune to be the new version’s Composition Supervisor. That is all that had been confirmed so far Zelda-wise for Brawl, but there are high possibilities for more.

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