Above is simply a fan mockup, but one can’t help but wonder what Link’s first adventure is going to look like visually on Nintendo’s next console. Featuring graphic capabilities that are at least on par with the current gen, and throwing them out in HD, really gets one to wonder. While over the rest of the lifespan we are likely to see several different art directions for Zelda in HD all looking glorious, it’s really all about the first. Do they go back to realism, now that it can be more easily decernable, but likely draw a T rating again? Do they go back to full blown Cel-Shading? More importantly, what do we all want the first one to look like?


Above is a nice vista screenshot from The Witcher 2. If Nintendo decides to go full blown realism why not simply go all out? There will always be that Zelda charm to it, but what you see above is the sort of thing Project Cafe should be able to do. It gets even more detailed up close, but the point here is that this is absolutely stunning. I am not sure if this is a direction they want to go, but it’s certainly one I would like them to explore. Of course, that doesn’t mean a completely different direction wouldn’t look amazing as well.


We all recognize this game, and it’s been put into HD thanks to online emulation. It truly shows off how amazing TWW’s graphics really were. Now, the HD does look a bit fugly at times, but it mostly just needs some upgraded textures. The point here is that this style is gorgeous, and would only be more so if completely redone for Project Cafe. The question right now is how would the world react? Are we ready for another full blown cel shaded game, especially after the impressionistic style of Skyward Sword?

In the end, the visuals are sure to be breathtaking, but it’s a fun conversation when you think about what visual style you would love for it to take. What sort of visual style do you want to see in HD? Keep in mind you can post direct image links in the comments and it will automatically attach the image to your post for all of us to see.

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