Apart from being a beloved actor and comedian, the late Robin Williams was also an avid fan of The Legend of Zelda. Recall for a moment the 2011 commercial for Ocarina of Time HD featuring both Robin and his daughter, Zelda. We are reminded, as Robin had mentioned in previous interviews, that he named his daughter after the princess — and the series’ namesake — because of the love he had for the games. It was a sweet, touching moment, and a small glimpse into their relationship.

This Halloween, Zelda Williams took to Twitter to show off a very faithful costume from the Zelda series, dressing up as Link instead of the titular princess. This, of course, has some tongue-in-cheek connotations to it, as fans, especially in the early days, would often mistake Link for Zelda. No doubt, Zelda Williams is playing on that idea, shown by the use of her hashtag #CallMeZeldaOneMoreTime.

In her series of posts, we see Zelda smiling at the camera, threatening to break some pots, carrying a cucco over her head, and a full body shot including the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. What it lacks in the details of some high-level cosplay it more than makes up for in charm and fan service.

What do you think of Zelda Williams’ costume? Did you dress up as a Zelda character for Halloween? Share in the comments below!

Source: Zelda Williams’ Twitter

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