Zelda Wii Predictions

Alright, this is it! Tomorrow is E3! As far as Zelda Wii goes, we’ll finally get to find out if some of our theories are correct and if we’re getting what we want. So, while there’s no Curiosity Shop this week, I wanted to make this special video.

I’ve made an assortment of 6 predictions about Zelda Wii. This is stuff I’m so certain of that I’d be willing to bet at least 4 of them will be true, if not the full 6. I wanted to get this out of the way just before it all comes out at E3 (although we might not be able to confirm or disprove ALL of these until the game actually releases). We shall see if I’m correct, won’t we?

Again, the news on Zelda Wii will be posted here on Zelda Dungeon, and we’ll follow it all up with a podcast.

So, what are your predictions? How about just your wishlist? (I already made a video of mine.) Tell me in the comments!

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