Zelda Wii in 2010?

With the new trailer for the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks released just hours after Nintendo’s Press Conference at E3 (see post below), many Zelda fans were asking themselves… what about Zelda for the Wii? Well, just because it wasn’t talked about during the Press Conference, doesn’t mean there is no news about it.

In a behind closed doors, roundtable with a select few journalists, Miyamoto gave the first glimpses of new Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii. The next Zelda title for the Wii will feature an even more mature Link than what we saw in Twilight Princess. Additionally, it will have a much more elaborate swordplay system and may even ship as a MotionPlus-only game. Miyamoto was quoted as saying, “Think of Zelda while you’re trying some of the archery and sword play in Wii Sports Resort.”

Miyamoto showed off a piece of concept art for the next Wii Zelda title, and it displays a more mature Link that looks similar to his incarnation in Twilight Princess. It also showed a woman in blue who some described as a Zora, while others said that it could be Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, because the roundtable was closed from photographers, we do not have any images of the concept artwork to show.

The next Zelda title for the Nintendo Wii will not release in 2009 and GDC 2010 is likely the absolute earliest that we’ll hear any new information concerning the game.

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