Zelda Wedding Rings Available for Purchase

Are you almost set to get married or are planning on asking your special loved one to join you in an everlasting unity of love and happiness? If yes is the case then these amazingly crafted Zelda-designed rings are perfect for you and your beloved partner! Crafted by Toronto-based goldsmith Zsolt Székely, these specially hand-fabricated wedding rings would be a perfect way to tie the knot with your future spouse and would create a fantastic memory to share for the rest of your lives.

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Ringmaker Zsolt Székely has given the following description regarding the detailing of these Zelda wedding rings:

“10Karat yellow gold with 10Karat white gold sleeve and Triforce symbol piercing.”

The only problem with acclaiming these amazing wedding rings is that the ringmaker won’t give an exact price only saying their rings average between $295-$5000+. Most likely, these rings are on the higher end of the pricing range which could blast a hole in your precious bank account. If you do happen to be quite rich and not worried about expenses then this may be a memorable way to celebrate your union with your loved one. The best part about these Zelda rings being designed for marriage in my opinion is the famous writing inside stating, “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone”.

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What do you think of these Zelda wedding rings? Are they worth the large amount of cash needed to acquire one?

Source: Zsolt Székely (via NintendoGamer)

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