Zelda Weapons in Other Games

ItemsWere you ever playing Uncharted and thought Nathan Drake could benefit from a Hookshot? Did you wish you had Din’s Fire when playing Resident Evil? Or perhaps you were playing Metal Gear Solid and imagined yourself merging into a wall to sneak past some guards? Gamer-Teacher RedHeadPeak has been asking himself the question: Which games would benefit from a Zelda Weapon? That’s just one of many thoughts that he has been sharing over on his blog.

Varied multi-use weapons and tools have always been part of the Zelda series, but as useful as all these items are they don’t seem to show up much in other games. Many other gaming protagonist seem quite content with another gun, or a tastier health drink. They have yet to discover just how versatile a boomerang can be!

RedHeadPeak’s latest list is a follow on from his previous one, where he imagined using Pegasus boots in Grand Theft Auto, and the Power Glove in Call of Duty. The possibilities for Zelda items are indeed endless, and could surely be used to spice up any gaming franchise.

So what do you think of RedHeadPeaks list? What other Zelda items would you like to see in other games? Or perhaps you have some non-Zelda items you’d like to see in a Zelda games? Let us know in the comments!

Source: RedHeadPeak

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