Zelda vs Skyrim: The Semi-Finals

Round four of G4’s Video Game Deathmatch: Best of 2011 has begun today with only two battles left, one of which pits The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword against Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the previous round Skyward barely made it past Batman: Arkham City, nabbing the win with 51% of the votes to Arkham’s 49%. Beating Arkham City was quite the challenge for Skyward Sword, but it’s current opponent seems to be some pretty stiff competition as well. Most of us will agree that both of these games are pretty amazing, and it’ll be great to see what people think. Fans will be glad to hear that Skyward Sword currently holds the lead with 59% of the votes to Skyrim’s 41%.

With still 3 days left to vote Skyrim could make a comeback at anytime, so show your support Zelda fans, head on over to G4 to submit your vote. Note that to vote you’ll need to log in using your G4 account or Facebook.


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