Ladies and gentlemen, knights and maidens; the twists and turns of our best soundtrack tournament have finally come to an end. Twenty Zelda OST’s stepped up to the challenge, each a musical masterpiece in its own right, but only one now stands supreme. After more than two months and some of the most intense polls Zelda Dungeon has ever seen, the best soundtrack in the Zelda series has finally revealed itself. Victory, now and forever, goes to the soundtrack of Twilight Princess.

Toru Minegishi and Asuka Ohta composed a true masterpiece in Twilight Princess, and the fans have shown their utmost appreciation. This classic soundtrack shook the world every time it entered the fray. From its very first match-up, to the epic war in the tournament Finals, Twilight Princess fought off the toughest and most prestigious competitors that the Zelda series has to offer.

From the clash with The Wind Waker, to the battle with Majora’s Mask, to the ultimate showdown with Ocarina of Time, our champion made every poll seem like an intense struggle worthy of any best soundtrack Finals bout. Edging out victories by just under 100 votes in three of its four fights — fights against the stiffest set of opponents in the whole Zelda series — no one can say that Twilight Princess had it easy. Rather, in this tournament, our champion earned, in the truest sense of the word, its place at the peak of Zelda soundtracks.

Here are Twilight Princess‘ tournament records:

  • Round 2: Vs. The Wind Waker: 589 Votes (54%)
  • Quarter-Finals: Vs. Majora’s Mask: 368 Votes (53%)
  • Semi-Finals: Vs. Breath of the Wild: 513 Votes (72%)
  • Finals: Vs. Ocarina of Time: 356 Votes (57%)

Congratulations, once again, to Twilight Princess.

And special thanks to everyone that voted throughout the tournament. Your engagement made for some of the most dramatic moments I’ve experienced at Zelda Dungeon, as heavyweights traded a majority back and forth, and as beloved favorites tragically fell in defeat. The passion of the Zelda fanbase was truly felt in this tournament, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

What did you think of the tournament overall? Did your favorite win the prize? Which soundtrack were you hoping to be crowned champion? How can we improve Zelda Versus in future tournaments? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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