Happy Sunday, everyone! With Ocarina of Time Week winding down and all of the polls in Round 1 of our best sage tournament open, let’s review the voting battles currently raging so far.

Round 1 of our tournament saw six of the seven OoT sages enter the fray. Only Princess Zelda, who revealed herself as a sage very late in the original game, received a bye in the first round. Of all the Round 1 match-ups, the fight between Darunia and Nabooru has the smallest vote gap, with only 32 votes separating the two at the time of writing. It was certainly a surprise to see these two so equally matched. The other two contests are a bit more one sided, but we could perhaps see an upset if enough passionate fans voice their support.

Here are all the Round 1 polls, with the sage currently winning each poll in bold:

  • Ruto Vs. ImpaPolls close November 26th. (Vote Here)
  • Darunia Vs. NabooruPolls close November 28th. (Vote Here)
  • Saria Vs. Rauru . Polls close November 30th. (Vote Here)

Be sure place your votes before polls close.

Here’s some important tournament information:

  • If you receive a “Failed to Verify Referrer” message and you are logged into a version of WordPress, try logging out.
  • We will post a new Round 1 voting page on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Voting for each game will be open for exactly one week.
  • On Sunday, we will post a wrap-up article explaining the results of the prior week.
  • Once voting pages for all Round 1 bouts have been posted, there will be a one-week break before Round 2 begins.

See you in a week!

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