ZU fan game The fanmade Zelda game Timeless Haven created by our friends over at Zelda Universe has officially released the pre-beta for the game! They also provided the news that the uncompleted game is in need of two programmers who are experienced in programming, scripting, and teamwork (more details after the jump). Hit the jump if you’re interested in more information or wish to try the game!

zu fan game 2After trying Timeless Haven, I knew the game had potential and how incredible it would be for it to reach an official release. Unfortunately, the lead developer of the game had to retire from the position, leaving the team without the necessary help needed to continue producing it. The game is created through the engine Game Maker: Studio.

If you are interested in trying the pre-beta of this game (PC only), the link to the download is on the announcement article of the pre-beta. If you are interested in contacting the team on joining the game development, the contact information is also on the page. As quoted, they are looking for experience in “Game Maker: Studio programmer, capable of scripting in GML, and who’s good at working in a team environment.”

If a situation occurs where the game development does not continue, as quoted from the original post: What happens if we can’t go on with development? We haven’t made that decision yet. We had an idea to strip the content from our source files and releasing our Timeless engine as a standalone download for people who want to make fangames (or original ones) using our engine. But to even do that we need someone with programming skills.

Have you tried this game before, or do you wish to help? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Zelda Universe

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