Zelda Universe’s 25 Years in 25 Days continues today with a look back at the year 1990. Although there was not a new game released, there were still plenty of Zelda goodies to go around in the forms of television and comic books. While the Legend of Zelda cartoon series had a short run of only 13 episodes, Link, Zelda, and Ganon would soon reappear as guests in another show. This was also the year that the Legend of Zelda comic series was released. Read part of this great article here and then head over to Zelda Universe to read the whole thing.

The comic books were similar in art style to the cartoons. Zelda’s hair was darker, Link looked a bit goofier, and Ganon was a bit more menacing in appearance (and usually had his face shadowed by a hood). Overall I’d call the artwork passable at worst and eye-pleasing at best. The artists did a tremendous job adapting the NES world of Hyrule into believable, living, and dangerous locations. However, the characters’ facial expressions could have used a bit more attention at times (for instance, there’s a scene where Zelda looks a bit nonchalant when she should be horrified).

I never knew that Zelda characters made appearances in shows after their own cartoon ended. I figured, with so many fans not happy with the original cartoon, it would stop there. Obviously, as we all know, it didn’t. Today there are many people still hoping to one day see a Zelda movie. I also never knew that a Zelda comic series existed, but they seem pretty interesting. Luckily, for those of us who haven’t seem them, they are available online. Overall, 1990 seemed like a great year to be a Zelda fan. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the year 1991.

Did you guys enjoy today’s article? Have any of you seen the other cartoon series that featured Zelda characters? Have any of you read the comics? If you have, what did you think of them? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Zelda Universe

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