Fans that were expecting Zelda U to be released in 2015 may have to wait a little bit longer. Eiji Aonuma announced today that the Zelda team is no longer treating 2015 as priority, as there are too many creative ideas they would like to include and perfect in the final release. Aonuma’s team will instead focus on making Zelda U the “ultimate Zelda game” by not sacrificing quality for the sake of an early release.

Aonuma explained that the team has “experienced first-hand the freedom of exploration that hasn’t existed in any Zelda game to date” and has “discovered several new possibilities” for the game. These are indeed fine reasons to delay the game, as they signal grand new possibilities that we’ll see in the final release. If the game has as much potential as Aonuma says it does, we have a lot to be excited for.

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Source: Nintendo

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