Zelda YouTuber HMK has uncovered a particular Easter egg in the upcoming HD re-release of Twilight Princess, particularly one pertaining to another game we’re all waiting patiently for: Zelda U. If the player visits the building seen in this video (warning: language abound), they will notice some picture frames hanging on the wall and on a table. Inside the frames are screenshots from the first E3 2014 reveal trailer of Zelda U. These can be seen in the gallery below.

What’s interesting is that these screenshots are mirrored from the original trailer. Here, HMK is playing the normal un-flipped version of Twilight Princess HD, which should mean that if the player visits the place where these screenshots are located in the flipped Hero Mode, they should be displayed as they were in the trailer.

Do you think these are just harmless Easter eggs, or could they mean something? Give us your theories below in the comments.

Source: HMK

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