Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Shigeru Miyamoto recently finished a round of YouTube marketing, stopping by several channels to play some Mario Kart 8 and answer a slew of questions. Naturally he doesn’t divulge much for any particular title, but he does let out a couple really interesting tidbits. The most interesting one for us as Zelda fans were his remarks on Zelda U, where he commented that they are at a stage of development where every idea they have is implemented into the game right away.

This is nice indication the game is right on track for the end of this year, as they are moving into a stage where the game really takes shape, with story and gameplay getting fleshed out. At this rate, the just of the game will probably be done around E3 this year, with a slew of months after to polish and refine the content. Here is what Miyamoto had to say to the folks over at Smosh, as translated by Bill Trinen:

“Walking around in that massive world and moving frome one area to another within it feels really nice, and it’s at the point now where every idea we have for it we are able to implement into the game right away so it’s at a really fun stage of development.”

You can watch the entire video feature below, which contains some neat commentary about games like F-Zero, Mario Maker, and Star Fox. In fact, Star Fox will be playable at E3!

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