In a fairly recent video, NintendoBlackCrisis tries to tackle the mystery of the Seven Heroines in Breath of the Wild. He begins by looking at the Gerudo script that’s found on the statues themselves and translating it into English. He’s somewhat shocked to discover that the script reads “The Seven Sages”, but, NintendoBlackCrisis immediately tries to line up the Heroines with the Seven Sages across various Zelda titles. The connections he makes between the Seven Sages and the Heroines are loose speculation at best, and, he realizes this and notes that, firstly, the Heroines might be how the Gerudo saw the Seven Sages, and, secondly, that there’s missing information that makes everything in this first theory rather vague.

NintendoBlackCrisis then turns his attention to Urbosa’s weapon, the Scimitar of the Seven, and wonders if Urbosa could have been part of a group that carried down the name of the Seven Heroines. He also theorizes that perhaps the Seven Heroine could be descendants of various Gerudo Sages. One thing turns the theory on its head, however, and that is NintendoBlackCrisis’s findings of an eighth Heroine that has been removed from the rest. He wonders if this eighth Heroine did something to get herself kicked out of the group, or if Nintendo might be filling in the gaps with possible future DLC. Interestingly, the Gerudo script on the eighth Heroine has been mirrored.

NintendoBlackCrisis concludes that the mystery doesn’t yet have an answer, but it may in the future. Who do you think the eight Heroines are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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