ProtoMario uploaded a theory a few months ago that details whether or not Link from Hyrule could possibly know of Mario from the Mushroom Kingdom. He notes that when two games have the same director, then there might be areas for crossover. He suggests that Link’s Awakening provides some interesting Easter eggs that later serve as evidence for his theory.

ProtoMario summarizes Link’s Awakening as a game in which Link makes up the world in his head, as it is a dream, but then, that dream actually turns out to be the dream of the Wind Fish. He then notes just how many Mario characters can be seen in Link’s Awakening, such as the Chain Chomp, a Goomba, a Piranha Plant, and a Prickly, for example. He ends his character list by stating that Wart, the final boss from Super Mario 2 shows up as the Frog King in Link’s Awakening, which ProtoMario considers to be defining evidence of Link knowing about Mario.

Finally, ProtoMario reminds the audience that the setting for Link’s Awakening is actually Link’s mind rather than his world, so Link has to know something about the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom, because he couldn’t have dreamed up all of the characters if he hadn’t seen them before.

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