A lot of comic books, video games, TV shows have explored the idea of evil doppelgangers, essentially asking what would happen if the hero was flat out bad to the bone. A small part of ourselves is always intrigued by these figures, the polar opposite of a goody two-shoes character. Some of us are even interested in how evil could corrupt someone like the protagonist of the Zelda series, the champion that wields the Triforce of Courage.

In a recent Zelda theory video from Dr. Wily, we get a look at what would happen if Link was just plain evil. Wily analyzes what Link would wield in his not-so-nice state, and the different factors / reasons that would lead him to become a bad guy. These possibililities includes being evil from the beginning of his life, becoming evil during his journey, or turning evil because of a powerful curse.

What do you think of this theory? What would it take for Link to become evil? Let us know in the comments below!

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