The Master Sword is easily one of the most iconic weapons in video game history. Up there with the likes of the Soul Calibur from the SoulCalibur series and the Mega Buster from the Mega Man series, this sword holds its place as a legendary weapon used to defeat evil. So with the sword of evil’s bane taking a role in so many Zelda games over the years, we ask the question: which version of the Master Sword holds its place as the best in the franchise?

That’s what YouTube’s Dr.Wily decides to determine in this analysis video, as he examines the four times he believes the Master Sword stood out the most in the series. The four Wily decides to take a look at include the Master Swords from Skyward Sword, A Link to the Past, Breath of the Wild, and A Link Between Worlds.

According to him, the Skyward Sword one stands out because of the Skyward Strike, as well as the fact that it’s actually really effective against the likes of Demise. Breath of the Wild’s sword can grow even more powerful, but with only a bit more durability. A Link to the Past‘s and A Link Between Worlds‘ Master Swords he believes are the most powerful because of the multiple upgrades you can apply to them. Based on the additional upgrades, he roughly estimates these versions of the weapon are around 24 times more powerful than the base strength of the regular Master Sword.

What do you think of Dr.Wily’s analysis? What would you consider to be the most powerful version of the Master Sword in Zelda? Let us know in the comments below!

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