Since Super Mario Maker‘s release in 2015 (and probably since the original Zelda), fan’s have longed for a Zelda Dungeon Maker. Clever puzzles, unique enemies, and intricate room arrangements—the ability for fans to try their own hand at these and other aspects of level design would make a Zelda Dungeon Maker wildly popular. Sadly, after a brief tease of the concept in bonus material in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019), Nintendo appears to have abandoned such an idea.

Recently, YouTube content creator and Zelda theorist Monster Maze explored the idea in a video essay. After narrowing the focus to top-down or 2D format, Monster Maze examines the various challenges and thrills such a game could bring, while also identifying the need to move beyond the mechanics offered in Link’s Awakening. For other videos from Monster Maze, click here.

Tell us what you think! Do you like the ideas from Monster Maze about a Zelda Dungeon Maker? What would you like to see included in such a game? Share your reactions in the comments below.

Source: Monster Maze

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